04 Sep 2013

Treating Woodworm in Chichester Cottage

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Woodworm in Chichester and in many of the old buildings in areas surrounding it is rife. PermaFix have recently completed an extensive programme of timber preservation and wood replacement to get rid of wood boring insect infestation and wet rot decay in a fabulous old thatched cottage in Chidham, West Sussex.

Woodworm in Chichester Cottage

Wade Cottage was built in 1732, in the period between the late middle ages and the industrial revolution. Internally the low ceilings are supported on timber framed walls with brick infill panels and the thatched roof is supported on an old wooden frame; lots of timber to attract wood-boring insects and their woodworm larvae.

Timbers found within the property were a mixture of softwood and, where extra strength is required, larger dimensioned hardwood beams.  The amount of damage to the wood varied from fairly light common beetle infestation to the floor boards and to the large lintel spanning the impressive open fireplace, to severe infestation damage where rot and death watch beetle had attacked vulnerable timbers adjacent to the outside walls and those within the loft space

Woodworm and Rot Inspection

To rectify the issues with infestation and decay PermaFix replaced many of the larger timbers with new French oak beams and treated the remaining wood with a powerful fungicide/ insecticide paste to all exposed surfaces.  Where the timbers were difficult to reach 2-coats of professional wood preservative were sprayed onto the wood to ensure maximum coverage and long term protection..

The old cottage was treated with care and respect throughout the renovation; the new timbers being artificially aged to keep in character with the building. If you have an old or difficult to treat house that suffers from woodworm in Chichester or elsewhere then give us a call or drop us an email.  We are experts in the preservation of historic and prestige properties and will ensure that your home is treated with the courtesy and respect it deserves

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